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22nd Jan 2024

This woman’s hack may put an end to your ironing woes for less than €4

Anna Martin


Ironing is probably the worst part of the laundry routine

Half the time it feels like you’re just putting more creases into whatever you’re trying to get smooth and wrinkle-free.

Thankfully, the internet and its many genius mums have come in clutch once again with a method that could put a stop to ironing altogether.

Credit: Getty

One mum revealed that she has a €3.50 hack that might just change your life in the Mrs Hinch Facebook group.

When one member was looking for tips on how to put duvet covers on the bed without getting them all crinkled.

“Lenor crease release. I haven’t ironed in about three years,” one person enthused and she wasn’t the only one who swore by this method.

“Crease release spray. Don’t bother ironing duvet covers, life is too short,” said a second, while a third agreed: “Lenor crease release. I clean holiday lets. If they are really creased I will put them on beds first and then iron them or use a handheld steamer.”

Someone else posted: “I think it’s amazing. I just spray then use the flat of my hand to pull creases out.”

Lenor crease releaser Credit: Amazon

There are a number of these sprays available both online and in your local supermarket with some costing as little as €3.50 to save you from doing battle with the sheets.

You can pick up a bottle in Home Savers, The Range and several other bargain and homewares outlets.