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10th Apr 2024

Expert warns against skirting board cleaning hack

Anna Martin

skirting boards

TikTok has many answers but maybe not when it comes to your skirting boards

If you’re like us then you’ve fallen down the ‘CleanTok’ rabbit hole and thought you had found all the answers to life’s grubby mysteries packaged in a short video format.

Though for all the life-changing hacks you can find on the platform, there are a few you might want to skip past, including this one.

This hack involves wiping down skirting boards and surfaces with fabric conditioner in an attempt to keep these dust-free.

However, just because you see a helpful ‘hack’ online doesn’t mean it’s effective, or even safe.

This one has been doing the rounds on TikTok, with many creators raving about how it makes their home smell good and supposedly means that they don’t have to dust half as often.

Yet one cleaning influencer Lynsey Queen of Clean took to Instagram to explain why you should consider giving this one a miss.

“Fabric conditioner might seem like a quick fix for dusting, but here’s why it’s not your best bet: Fabric conditioner may leave your home smelling amazing, but it can leave behind a thin layer of residue on surfaces, which attracts more dust over time,” Lynsey penned.

“Instead opt for a damp microfiber cloth instead for a cleaner, longer-lasting shine!”

In her video, she also explains that the leftover residue could also lead to the growth of mold in your home.

Another cleaning expert, Olivia Young, product development scientist at Astonish, backed up Lynsey by telling Ideal Home, why it’s best to just avoid this hack altogether.

“We definitely wouldn’t advise people to use fabric conditioner on their skirting boards as this will leave a thin coating that could cause dust to stick to them more,” she said.

“It also could be a significant hazard if they have pets or small children who could touch or lick the skirting boards.”

Not to mention that the fabric conditioner could also pose a fire risk as many do have flammable properties.

Instead, you can try wiping down your skirting boards with a damp microfiber cloth.