This woman uses her best friend's breast milk as a face mask 4 months ago

This woman uses her best friend's breast milk as a face mask

"Literally just liquid gold in your nipples..."

Anyone who owns a TikTok account will know the app is by no means stranger to crazy beauty trends.

It therefore shouldn't really surprise anyone to hear about a TikTok tutorial for adding breast milk into your skincare routine.

Canadian beauty and skincare influencer @Lil_xxtra recently revealed she's been using her best friend's breast milk – or as she calls it, "liquid gold in your nipples" – to achieve flawless skin.

breast milk face mask

The TikToker shared how breast milk contains lauric acid, which "combats acne and soothes eczema." She elaborated that human growth factor is also present in the milk, which she hailed as "the holy grail of anti-ageing."

@Lil_xxtra showed how she applies the milk by soaking a cotton pad with it and swiping it all over her face, then leaving it on for five minutes. "Yes, I just put it on my face and yes, I just tasted my friend's t*tty milk."

breast milk face


She then said she rinses it off and continues with the rest of her skincare routine.

The influencer gave an update three days later, during which her skin appeared visibly brighter and firmer. Showing the results with natural window lighting and no filter, she was absolutely glowing.


3 day results from using breast milk on my face! #skincare #skincareroutine #doritosduetroulette

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She made sure to thank her best friend, who recently gave birth, for donating her milk.

Now, that's what you call the breast of friends.