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26th Feb 2020

Apparently this new Lenor fabric softener smells just like the iconic Alien perfume


There is nothing nicer than fresh smelling clothes, just out of the wash.

Especially if the clothes smell like your favourite perfume, right?

Well that appears to be the suss with the new Lenor fabric softener.

Apparently, people are going made for this new product, because it smells just like Alien, an iconic perfume.

The fragrance is famed for its notes of floral Sambac jasmine, cashmerean wood and white amber.

And the reaction on social media has been what we expected it to be – excited.

“OMG they now have Lenor that smells similar to ALIEN PERFUME,” wrote one enthusiastic poster, adding that it was available in Tesco, ASDA, Wilkos and Home Bargains.


lenor fabric softener

More people reacted similarly, clearly delighted with the discovery.

“That is a must have. Can’t beat the smell of alien,” wrote one.

“Omg we have to go and sniff it!!!,” commented another.

“OMG smells like my perfume!!!! We need to buy this!!!!!!!,” said a third.

And rumour has it this isn’t the only cleaning product that smells just like this fan favourite perfume.

Mrs Hinch favourite – Zoflora’s limited edition Midnight Bloom disinfectant – apparently smells exactly like Alien, too.

Stunning news.

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