Again, again! Reading the same book to your child repeatedly makes them smart 2 years ago

Again, again! Reading the same book to your child repeatedly makes them smart

Does your child ask for you to read the same book to them time and time again?

When my son was little he was obsessed with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Every night he would insist on having it read to him.

Wanting to have the same book read repeatedly is fairly common among young children but research has shown that this behaviour could actually benefit them in the long run.

Not only that but it could actually help them become more clever.

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Yes, that's right, even though you might feel a little fed up reading the same story over and over it actually benefits your child hugely when it comes to comprehension and vocabulary.

While it might seem like reading a variety of books would give them a boarder vocabulary it's actually the other way around. Children can only learn words and their meaning when they feel like words make sense.


By reading the same book over and over they begin to figure out what each word means and will recognise it when they see it in other books down the line.

Not only is reading a book repeatedly great for young children learning to read it can also have great academic benefits for your child later on in life.

According to Ashley Norris children who gain a good comprehension of vocabulary early on in life will better be able to comprehend examination papers as teenagers.

So when you're tucking your child into bed tonight don't forget to pull out their favourite book. It might just help them become a super smart cookie.