This warning about YouTube Kids is something that all parents need to read 4 months ago

This warning about YouTube Kids is something that all parents need to read

Keeping our children safe online is a top priority for parents.

With more and more children using devices capable of accessing the internet it's not always an easy task, especially when content is being created specifically targeting young children.

This content is particularly prevalent on video content site YouTube and if your child is a user of the website there is something that you should look out for.



Parenting safety site Code 9 Parents posted this warning to their Facebook page and it's extremely concerning.

"Recently we’ve seen and head multiple reports of shows on YouTube Kids that are imbedded with self-harm content. The shows look normal as you‘d expect when it begins but at some point they start describing and even showing kids how to self-harm and in one instance how to commit suicide.

YouTube has always had an issue with inappropriate content, any platform where users can share content does, but this is another level. It’s abhorrent and very hard to monitor. So what can you do?

For now, either sit and watch with your children, or scan through the video before letting them watch to check it is what it says it is.

Make sure the settings are locked up tight. It’s not going to stop this content but it will help you manage the way your kids use YouTube. If you see anything inappropriate report it immediately."

Both of my children watch shows on YouTube and seeing this post was very worrying. The best way we can protect of children is to monitor what they watch online but if in doubt, let them go without.