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05th Mar 2019

This addition to your morning pancakes is a the perfect weekend treat

Anna Daly

Brought to you by Le Crunch French Apples.

There’s a new favourite breakfast in town.

Pancakes are perfect. You can have them for breakfast, lunch, brunch – honestly you can even have them for dinner (and we do without fail or shame on pancake Tuesday every year). We’d also be willing to bet that never in the history of pancakes has a child complained upon receiving them.

They’re just an all-round crowd pleaser.

While we love a good aul classic pancake, we do enjoy trying a twist every now and then (you know, add a little extra excitement to everyone’s breakfast time), so we’re constantly looking for ways to spruce up our pancake mixes.

Sure, once or twice we’ve turned up some real duds but we’re onto a winner now, we know it.

We’ve teamed up with Le Crunch French Apples who has sent us over a pancake recipe that includes (you guessed it) apples. We have tried these and think they are absolutely top notch. The fruitiness of the apple goes perfectly with the sweet-bread pancake. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s the recipe so you and the kids can test them for yourselves. Trust us, you have to give these a go.

Apple pancakes

Makes 12 pancakes
Preparation time: 15 min
Cooking time: 15 min


2 eggs
150ml milk
120g flour
1 tsp yeast
2 tbsp caster sugar
1 pinch of salt
2 apples (Golden or Gala)
1 tbsp poppy seeds
20g butter


1. Separate the whites from the egg yolks.
2. Whisk the yolks with the milk, flour, salt and yeast.
3. Add the sugar and poppy seeds and whisk again.
4. Beat the egg whites until stiff then add them to the previous mixture. Let rest for 30 minutes.
5. Remove the core from the apples. Cut the base and top off each apple and cut 6 slices from each.
6. Brown the apple slices with a little bit of butter in a frying pan. Set aside on a plate.
7. Grease the frying pan again with a bit of butter, put on a low heat and place an apple slice in the middle. Pour a small ladle of batter over the apple and turn the pan to distribute the batter evenly.
8. When the batter is dry on top, about 2 minutes, turn the pancake over and cook for 1 minute.
9. Repeat with the remaining batter and apple slices.
10. Stack, drizzle honey on top, serve hot and enjoy.

Try and tell us those don’t give your Saturday brekkie a serious upgrade. You’re welcome.

Brought to you by Le Crunch French Apples.