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07th Jan 2017

Alcohol Flavoured Ben and Jerry’s Is Here And Dry January Is Looking Less Grim Already

Trine Jensen-Burke

Anyone feeling a little blah with this whole Dry January debacle?

Yup, us too.

But things are looking up, mamas – because if rumours are true, Ben and Jerry’s are about to release a brand new flavour of ice cream – and it’s sounds nothing short of divine.

In fairness,give us any sort of Ben and Jerry’s and we’re hardly going to pass on it, but this latest one; let’s just say we have high hopes for this one.

According to Candy Hunting, an Instagram account that showcases new sweet products, Ben and Jerry’s are about to announce their latest flavour, Urban Bourbon, shortly, and as for what exactly it contains; how does burnt caramel ice cream with almonds, fudge flakes and bourbon caramel swirls sound to you right now?

We know. Race you there.