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15th Dec 2021

These ‘elf donuts’ are absolutely adorable and super easy to make with the kids

Melissa Carton

How cute are these?

If you’re looking for something extra special to leave the elves this Christmas you can’t go wrong with these tiny treats.

It’s fairly standard to leave out some cookies or a mince pie for Santa, as well as some carrots for the reindeers, but what do we give the elves?

They’re so small, is there really anything miniature enough to place out for them?

The answer is yes and not only that, you probably already have the ingredients in your press.

Shared by Facebook page My Favourite Holiday, these cute elf donuts are made using Cheerios and whatever toppings you think your elves might enjoy.

The photo shows them decorated with sprinkles, showered in sugar and even just plain for the elf that’s sweet enough already.

Not only are these donuts adorable and super simple to recreate but they’re also a great excuse for some special Christmas bonding time with the kids.

After all who doesn’t love creating tasty treats and of course sampling a few? Gotta make sure they’re alright for the elves.

Does your family have any special traditional Christmas recipes that you love to recreate with the kids every year?

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