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31st Jul 2021

If you haven’t made grilled pizza yet, you are not living your best summer life

Trine Jensen-Burke

grilled pizza

It is the taste – and smell – of summer.

Firing up the BBQ is one of the very best things about the hot weather season, and we love gathering friends and family around for a delicious barbeque feast. Cooking outside, away from your actual kitchen, and out in the fresh air, it is what summer is all about.

When it comes to what food you can actually make on your BBQ, I think most of us are familiar with the classics – burgers, hotdogs, chicken breasts – and don’t forget things like corn on the cob, veggie skewers or even salmon.

But guys – have you ever tried making pizza on your BBQ?

If not, I strongly urge you to try – it might just change your life. And ensure you never make pizza any other way ever again.

The best bit?

It is far easier than you can imagine, and there’s no pizza stone required. For the simple way to grill pizza, can you just place the dough directly on the grill. The crust turns out perfectly charred, crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside, with plenty of melty cheese on top.

Sounds delicious? It really, really is.

Want to try making your own grilled pizza? Here are a few tips on how to get it right:

What kind of pizza dough?

You can use most pizza doughs, including ready-made ones, just make sure it is more firm than wet.

Prep your toppings and have them ready

This is vital – you need to prep everything you are going to need before you start grilling. Why? Because the grilling part goes fast. We’re talking four minutes tops, so don’t wait to slice your tomatoes until the pizza is on the grill. Have everything ready and near you so that as soon as you flip the pizza crust, you can start topping and then pull your pizza off the grill as soon as it’s done.

What to top it with?

Here is the best bit – whatever you want! Brush it with pesto, then top with goats cheese, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. Or keep it simple with some tomato sauce, sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Or try something really summerly like cheese sauce, peaches and parma ham, drizzled with a dash of good balsamic vinegar. The world is your oyster – or, in this case, pizza!


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Do I need a pizza stone?

If you have one, use it – if not, you don’t need to. Just put the pizza stone on your BBQ and close the lid – to let it heat up for 10 minutes – you want it to be piping hot. Once ready, just plop your dough on and top with your toppings right after placing the dough on your stone.

If you are not using a pizza stone, you need to cook the dough on one side before flipping it over and adding your toppings.

And voila – you got your grilled pizza ready in just minutes.