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06th Aug 2018

Wine gums with REAL wine? Don’t mind if we do

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Edible vino, anyone?

Okay so I can say with confidence that Wine Gums are my favourite sweet of all time.

However, there’s actually no wine in them – which is a pity in fairness.

Thankfully, I just discovered a brand that sell REAL wine gums.

Vinoos is a company that has created edible wine in the form of real WINE gums.

The range currently consists of: a white Chardonnay, a German Riesling, a Rosé, and a red Merlot WINE gum.

So there’s something for everyone.

The shit part? They don’t actually have any alcohol in them – so if you fancy getting drunk off sweets, keep dreaming.

These gummies do taste just like your favourite vino, which is pretty darn cool.

They’re also suitable for vegetarians and vegans – also pretty cool.

Anyway, a box of these babies will set you back €7.50, and can be ordered online here.

They also sell gift ideas, like big boxes containing all flavours, and bottles of actual wine to pair with your sweets.

I seriously want to try these.

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