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25th Jan 2022

Here’s how your kids can learn about the importance of Irish nature in a fun and interactive way

Sarah Gill

Applegreen Bio Dive

Brought to you by Applegreen

This biodiversity initiative is helping raise awareness in primary schools across the country of the vast variety of species that are native to Ireland…

We all know just how important environmental awareness is these days, but helping your kids learn more about Irish biodiversity isn’t easy.

Thankfully, Applegreen have just launched a new biodiversity initiative for primary schools across Ireland to help immerse children in the variety of life here on Irish soil through a fun and informative sticker collection.

A great way to help our kids get to know the flora and fauna of Ireland in an interactive way, these colourful stickers feature images of both familiar and unique Irish species, its name in both English and Irish and a fun fact.

Yet another step in Applegreen’s Drive Change sustainability programme, this is a great way to help make the future that little bit brighter for the next generation.

Inviting primary schools across the country to sign up and participate, Applegreen customers can collect BioDive stickers in store (available in packs of three with any in-store purchase of €5 or more) and build up quite the collection! They’ll be hitting shelves on Monday 14 February, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Applegreen BioDive programme is available to 124 primary schools across Ireland, so if you’re a teacher who would like your school to be involved, you can register (here) up until midnight on Friday 4th February.

The 124 selected schools will receive a BioDive pack with a bespoke classroom poster featuring beautiful illustrations of native Irish species with allocated space for stickers.

Schools that collect all 120 stickers for their BioDive classroom posters will be in with a chance of winning a biodiversity garden worth €10,000 for their school!

But wait, there’s more…

Applegreen also have an illustrated collector’s book, which makes for the perfect place to keep your stickers safe and secure. These sticker books are available for purchase in-store for just €3.99! Stickers are available in packs of three with any in-store purchase of €5 or more, so learning about native wildlife never sounded so fun!

Sounds like quite the initiative, doesn’t it? If you want to get involved in educating your kids on the importance of supporting Irish biodiversity and raising awareness of Ireland’s nature, click right HERE to register your school today.

Brought to you by Applegreen