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14th Apr 2022

Got a family pet? Make sure the kids know to keep them away from these Easter things

Olivia Hayes

It’s not all about the Easter Bunny.

At this time of year, kids are mad about the Easter Bunny, but we have to remember our other animals too.

Something that can be harmless to us humans can be deadly to our beloved furry friends, and while we as adults might be aware of these dangers, it’s important we communicate them to our little ones, too.

Here are a few things to keep an eye on this Easter weekend.


Many pet owners will already know that chocolate is deadly for cats and dogs, as well as other animals. But remember to warn younger members of the family about this as they might not be aware. Also, if you’re doing an Easter Egg hunt around the house, make sure to put them out of reach of animals.

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Fake grass/nest

Fake or plastic grass can be used to fill out nests and Easter baskets, but if ingested by your pet, it can cause intestinal obstructions or get wrapped around the tongue. Instead, opt to use a paper version to stuff your baskets.

Easter lilies

At this time of year, lilies are a popular choice of flower to decorate your home with. However, they can be deadly to cats. Eating the flower can cause cats to have liver failure, so if you have them in your house, be sure to keep them away from your furry friends and look out if they seem to be drooling or unusually lethargic.


Make sure to keep track of any hard boiled eggs you may have cooked throughout the weekend as spoiled eggs can cause harm to your pets. Also, if you’re using plastic eggs for decoration, but them in a safe place and out of reach of cats and dogs because if they break, they can injure your pet.

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