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06th Jun 2024

‘My husband’s surname is so unfortunate I cannot give it to my kids’

Sophie Collins


A woman has sparked conversation online after saying that she couldn’t bear to give her kid’s her husband’s surname because it’s so unfortunate.

She said she fears kids will constantly pick on them if they carry his last name and wants to know if she is being unreasonable.

His surname is ‘Butt’, and even though to an adult this wouldn’t be as big of a deal, it’s easy to see why they are hesitant about passing it down to the younger generation.

Kids can be cruel at the best of times, but the anonymous woman says she worries that giving bullies ammo like this will only make her kid’s lives harder.

Taking to Reddit, she wrote: “My husband’s last name is Butt. Can someone please help me illuminate to him why this last name is less than ideal?

“I totally get we can’t shield kids from everything and I understand the whole family ties thing but c’mon. Am I being unreasonable by suggesting our future kid either take my name, a hybrid, or a new one altogether?”

Most responses were understanding about her worries and offered the future mum advice when dealing with this awkward situation.

One Reddit user advised: “You are absolutely not being unreasonable. Your husband’s last name is objectively pretty awful, and of course, you don’t want your child to have it.

“Also, even if it wasn’t that bad, you would be still entitled to at least suggest that your child takes your last name since you are also going to be their parent.

“Your last name has the same family ties and goes back as far as his. Also, he needs to think about his child.

“Let’s be honest, their life is going to be a lot easier with a ‘normal’/not bad last name.”

Another added: “My husband’s boss has a horrendous last name, worse than Butt, but he was self-aware enough to suggest his kids take his wife’s name.

“So that’s what they did and everyone’s happy, except for the boss’s parents.”