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27th Jul 2016

10 Awesome Tricks To Maximise Space And Make Small Rooms Work Harder

Sophie White

Small spaces don’t have to be a total headache, we are currently attempting to reorganise our house to accommodate a couple of extra bodies and so I’ve been trawling the internet looking for the best ways to make my little house work harder.

10 Awesome Tricks To Maximise Space And Make Small Rooms Work Harder:

1. Dual Purpose Rooms

Also known as on/off rooms, we’re working on creating a dining room/family room in our house at the moment by using a table that can be put away when not in use.

Dining table, €180 at Ikea

dining table

2. Stack the sleeping arrangements

The biggest room in my house is my bedroom which is nice but fairly pointless when you consider just how little time we spend in our bedrooms. With a new baby on the way we’ve decided to swap bedrooms and make the larger bedroom the kids room so that they can, one day (all going well), share the space and have lots of room for toys and mess.

Bed, €699 at Harvey Norman


3. Hack the storage situation

Using benches instead of dining rooms chairs means a double saving both on room (chairs can take up a lot of space) and money – they are surprisingly expensive. They also provide extra hidden storage.

Bench, €100 at Ikea


4. Use shelves as tables

Save on floor space by using shelves instead of side tables.

Shelf, €46 at Ikea


5. Hide a bed

This is a really neat sofa bed that means any playroom, office or living room can immediately become a guest room.

Sofa bed, €390 at Made


6. Take under-bed storage to new heights

A pullout desk, shelves and cupboards make this bed super hardworking.

Bed, €299 at Harvey Norman


7. Create a home office in little used spaces

A really sleek, clever desk means your home office can be tucked into an alcove or under the stairs. Choose a shallow, fold-down desk for an unobtrusive look.

Desk, €165 at Ikea


8. Sliding doors

Choose wardrobes and cupboards with sliding doors as they take up less space in small rooms.

Wardrobe, €969 at Harvey Norman


9. Use the same flooring throughout to create illusion of space


10. Sky’s the limit with storage

Make use of those high up, out of the way spots.


Wall shelf, €18 at Ikea