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Early years

07th Jun 2024

This common nappy mistake could end up costing you a fortune


Using the wrong nappy size could end up costing you a fortune

Being a first time parent is tough. Even with all the books in the world boasting the best advice for raising little ones, nothing can prepare you for the real thing.

Everything is a learning curve, but this trial and error can sometimes lead to money down the drain.

The nappy size rule is just one of these mistakes, which appears to trip a lot of first time parents up.

As we know, nappy sizing goes up in numbers according to your baby’s weight, e.g size 1 for a newborn and so on.

However, some sizes feature a plus symbol, for example you can get size 4+.

Source: Pampers

A lot of people have admitted to thinking this symbol meant it was a half size or in-between size.

But did you know that the symbol actually means the nappy has added absorbency?

The nappies are ideal for nighttime and ensure that no leakage happens while your baby is asleep.

Buying the added absorbency means you won’t have to change your baby as often, saving you some much-needed cash.

Definitely making a note of this!