242 % Spike In Searches For This VERY Unlikely Irish Job 1 year ago

242 % Spike In Searches For This VERY Unlikely Irish Job

There are many sectors on the rise in Ireland right now, from IT and finance to banking, accountancy and construction.

You'd be forgiven, then, for imagining that jobs in these areas are among the most searched for online.

Actually, the truth is a little more confusing.

While Ireland began 2017 with the world’s second sharpest spike in the number of people looking for a new job, the recruitment website Indeed has found there was a whopping 242% rise in searches for one specific job.

The role so many Irish people are clamouring to find? Eh, model.

Yes. Model. It seems we've never before been so confident about our looks, catwalk struts and abilities to pose in front of a camera.

"Our analysis didn’t uncover anything like this spike in interest anywhere else—it's unique to the Emerald Isle." said Indeed.

"Most of the people who search for 'model' click on fashion model jobs at media and marketing companies, as well as staffing agencies and talent vendors."

Not that there's anything wrong with being an aspiring model, but happily there was also strong interest in the search terms Software Developer (106%), Process Engineer (98%) and Talent Acquisition (96%), which is in line with the larger tech trend the site has seen globally, and the hiring that’s underway as a result of Ireland’s jobs growth.