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28th Sep 2015

Top 5 apps everyone’s obsessing over (celebs too)

A cool start to the day...

The day has only begun, and I am once again trawling for a new app to liven up my life.

Sit back and download my friends.

1. For the shots from the hols

Moldiv App Combine your pics. Sure we can do that already with the likes of InstaCollage, but, not like this pure genius, organising, wonder-tool. (I should do their copywriting). Download this beaut. You won’t be sorry.

2. When you lose your phone

Google Play Ring You lost your phone. Again. It’s grand. Get on Google Play and search Android Device Manager and ‘Ring’. If it’s on vibrate, you will locate it using this clever tool. Superb.

3. When you want to mess with your mother-in-law

Insta Animal Face or Animal Face When you need to release your inner animal the best way is not to make a scene but, to make a scene in private – if you know what I mean. Get ready for big LOLs with this app.

4. Cause you like your privacy, TY* Changing career, emigrating, trying to break all ties with someone or something? Here is the divine gift of deletion. You can extinguish your online flame in any site listed from A -Z on Accountkiller and you can do it all from the one website. High fives all around.

4. For streaming a series but, in a more awesome way

Netflix When you have been waiting for season four all your life (well, it feels like it) and you realise your TV is actually stoopid. Get some HD vibes going. When streaming, if the stream quality is sub-par, press Control and Alt and Shift and S to change the buffering rates. Changing to 3000 forces HD video. BTW* Orange IS the new Black.

5. When you really have nothing to eat (it seems) Type every food item you have in your fridge into the app’s search bar, and it will tell you what you can make from the ingredients. Savage. I wonder how a dinner made from Coconut water and cheese with bits of chilli in it will taste? Yummy.

If you have been keeping the secret of a good gadget or an “app-y” find from the world, let me know:

TY* Thank you

BTW* By the way