5-year-old girl ‘scarred for life’ when dragged down the street by electric bike 1 year ago

5-year-old girl ‘scarred for life’ when dragged down the street by electric bike

"I heard a massive bang"

A 5-year-old girl is said to be scarred for life after a horrifying electric bike accident.

The young girl was hit and then dragged 50ft down the road by the bike. It is believed Emily Hill was waiting to be collected from a quiet neighbourhood when the incident took place in June.

She did not hear the bike approaching when the driver sped through the bollards and collided with Emily.

Her mum shared: "I heard a massive bang and a second later saw Emily come out from under his bike a couple of car lengths down the road."

Emily went in and out of consciousness before being transported to the hospital to get her head wound stitched up.

The youngster needed 24 stitches on her scalp and will potentially need cosmetic surgery in the future. Doctors believe she may need an operation to graft hair follicles.

The driver, who is only 22-years-old, is currently being investigated by the police.


It is understood he was driving a Sur-ron L1E electric bike, which can reach speeds of 47mph.

Emily's mum Leigh is hoping to raise awareness about how dangerous the bikes are. She explained that people are not aware of just how fast they can be.

Teenagers are driving the bikes because all they need is a moped licence but the risks they cause are a growing concern.

The mum said the past few weeks have been complete hell for her family.

"Many people think electric bikes are safe but we have learned the hardest way possible they are not," she told The Daily Mail.

A police investigation is ongoing.

Hopefully, Emily's story will raise awareness about the dangers of electric bikes. More needs to be done to ensure that everyone is safe on our streets, especially children as young as Emily.