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04th Jan 2022

My ex daughter-in-law has been leaving her 8-year-old home alone- is this wrong?

Is 8 too young to be left at home alone?

A concerned grandparent has found out that their ex-daughter-in-law has been leaving her 8-year-old daughter home alone.

The mum leaves her little girl at home when she “nips” to the shop. However, the grandmother revealed sometimes she can be gone for as long as an hour.

She told Mumsnet, “When I brought up my concern to my son he said that he was fine with it, granddaughter is quite mature for her age, I suppose.

“He said that ex DIL had spoken to her about what to do in an emergency/ to not answer the door etc. She has a snib on the door so whilst granddaughter is locked in she can very easily get out.”

The mother calls her daughter to check-in, but that hasn’t eased the grandmother’s worries.

We all know accidents can happen so quickly. Something drastic can happen in a split second, never mind in the space of an hour.

“It just doesn’t sit right with me.”

“My son says he’s fine about it. I feel like there isn’t much I can do.”

The grandmother said she is particularly concerned about a fire breaking out. “My son says she knows what to do but she is 8 years old! Of course, she doesn’t know what to do!”

Many users understood her concerns but said there was little she could do if both of the girl’s parents had no issue with it.

One said, “I don’t see an issue with leaving an 8yo home alone for short periods, tbh. I remember being left at that age.”

Another suggested, “If you’re concerned you could always say that she can drop her around to yours if she needs to go shopping or anything.”