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09th Dec 2015

A Saint by any other name… can we PLEASE relax with the bonkers baby names?

Sharyn Hayden

My name is Sharyn Hayden and I am a recovering Keeping Up With The Kardashians addict.

(“Hiii Sharynnn”)

I spent so many afternoons watching the SO completely addictive TV show on the E! Network when Jacob was small that I figure I have now squandered approximately 14,892 hours of my life.

I mean, I could have spent that time so much more wisely; perhaps figuring out the cure for hangovers or even starting my own cult. Right, Kris?


But no, instead I ate, drank and slept America’s most-watched family and have no productivity of any sorts to show from the year 2011 to 2013.

I eventually realised I had a problem and began to wean myself off them slowly, one Kardashian at a time. It was easy to dump Kourtney because to dump her meant I didn’t have to look at that Scott yoke any more (what is the POINT of him?!), although Kim was slightly more difficult and required a serious alcoholic substitute until the pain subsided.

Letting go of Khloe was my toughest challenge of all and I think I only really unfollowed her on Twitter about a year ago. Her quippy one-liners – which always seemed to contain the word ‘anal’ – were really hard to let go of, but I had committed to my K-step Recovery Programme and so I stuck with it.


Part of recovery is to remove yourself entirely from your addictive substance and so I haven’t even talked about them to anyone since I broke up with them. I couldn’t.

But alas, today I must inform you that I have fallen off the Kardashian wagon. I can no longer deny my desire to scream from the rooftops, precisely how I feel about Kim and Kanye’s choice of baby name for their second child, which is this;


Saint West? Saint?! How entirely up yourself do you have to be to name your child ‘Saint’?!



Maybe there were no cool names left, you know, now that Northt is gone, along with Galaxy, Spartacus, Tinkle and oh yes, Jermajesty.

I wish for nothing but health and happiness for the baby and his older sister, because kids are obviously awesome, but I need his parents to take a deep breath and deflate their egos.

Now that my rant is over, I am now off to my therapist’s chair to get back on the straight and narrow – wish me luck!

What do you think of the name? Let us know in the comments!