Adele Continues To Be The Coolest Mum On The Block 3 years ago

Adele Continues To Be The Coolest Mum On The Block

Adele, Adele, Adele - will we ever be as cool as you when we grow up?!

Not content with being the Queen of Carpool Karaoke, not content with being all 'Shit happens' on Twitter about the audio problems at the Grammys, she now has won over the internet with this pic from a recent family trip to Disneyland:

While the rest of the internet has a nervous breakdown over her son Angelo's choice of Disney-themed attire, can we just take a moment to note the following:

1. Adele isn't wearing any make up

Not a scrap. This is precisely how most of us mothers look when we're on holidays with the kids so.. Bravo to that!

2. They look like a really happy family

They're all together on holidays, they're in frickin' DISNEYLAND (so jealous!) and their son is having a blast so ergo, so are mum and dad.  Not for this famous mum the 'I am celeb so must pout' nonsense. RESPECT.

3. She has 'Buggy Crouch'

There is absolutely no cool way to push a buggy and Adele knows it. The only realistic thing to do is ditch those heels for flats and 'crouch over' to have that non-stop conversation with your smallie as they make cute observations about the world around them.

I can't see anything else in that pic worth talking about, can you?

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