Urgent recall issued for popular children's toy sold on Amazon 3 months ago

Urgent recall issued for popular children's toy sold on Amazon

Over 200 of the toy rattles were purchased by families in Ireland.

An urgent recall has been issued on a children's toy sold on Amazon.

Parents have been warned to stop using the Bright Stars Jingle and Shake Pal toy rattle immediately.

The toy, which was sold online, may damage children's hearing.

The CCPC issued a safety warning to parents this week.

It has advised parents to stop letting their children play with the toy and keep it away from them indefinitely.

The toy rattle may damage a child's hearing because of the noise level it reaches.

It stated: "The risk associated with the product is that of damage to hearing.

"The baby rattles the toy and produces a peak noise level exceeding 110dB and causes damage to the inner ear."


The rattle is from the Bright Starts brand.

toy rattle

Affected products include model number 10063.

However, the toy's batch number is unknown, but the barcode isĀ 074451100633.

Over 200 families have purchased this product from Amazon, as well as other online retailers.

"The product was sold online through the Amazon platform."

"228 products were sold to consumers in the Republic of Ireland," The CCPC added.

The CCPC shared advice with parents, but cannot help with refunds.

"If you purchased one of these products, please discontinue use immediately."

Parents should also discard the product immediately.

They should also keep it out of the reach of children.

If you want to avail of a refund, you will have to contact the store where you purchased the product from.