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09th Mar 2016

American Pro-gun Campaigner Is Shot In The Back By Her Toddler

Sharyn Hayden

Jamie Gilt, an outspoken pro-gun activist, is currently in hospital in Florida recovering from a gunshot wound.

Gilt (31) is mum to a four-year-old boy who, she said on her Facebook page this week, gets “jacked up to target shoot with the .22”.

Jamie Gilt 31

(Via Jamie Gilt’s Twitter Page)

The ‘.22’ that she is referring to is this gun below, that Jamie so happily tweeted about on her Twitter page in January, showing off her latest firearm acquisition:

It is reported that Jamie was driving with her four-year-old son in the backseat, when he somehow managed to get his hands on a handgun and shot his mother through the back of her seat as she drove.

The blast was not fatal and Jamie was able to flag down a police officer who escorted her to hospital.

Police have said that while the toddler was not strapped into a car seat, he was unharmed in the incident and is currently in the care of family members.

I’m just going to say it – THE IRONY, huh?

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