Andrew McGinley explains why he was pulled from the Late Late 8 months ago

Andrew McGinley explains why he was pulled from the Late Late

"I only speak with love"

Andrew McGinley was due to appear on The Late Late Show on October 8th, but the dad's appearance was abruptly cancelled with no explanation.

He has now revealed why his interview was pulled from the popular chat show.

The dad spoke out about the cancellation in an interview with The Irish Independent.

He said RTÉ received a letter saying it would be too painful to watch Mr McGinley on the show.

The dad wanted to discuss his children and the projects he's running to keep their memories alive.

“I was informed by RTÉ that they had received a letter which said that it could be a painful and traumatic experience to see me talking about Conor, Darragh and Carla on the Late Late Show," he explained.

“Many people who knew the children well were looking forward to the show, especially many of the kids’ friends who were being allowed to stay up to watch them being talked about with Ryan," the dad shared.


“I would have been conscious of that but I only speak with love when I talk about Conor, Darragh and Carla," he said.

Andrew has set up As Darragh Did, Conor's Clips and Snowman for Carla to keep his children's dreams alive.

He said honouring his children in this way helps him.

"It fills me with so much love that it lifts me."

The dad-of-three said he knows his children wouldn't want him to be angry.

Andrew's three children Darragh, Conor and Carla were killed by their mother in January 2020.

His wife Deirdre remains in the Central Mental Hospital. The mum suffered from severe mental health issues prior to their children's untimely deaths.