Archie Battersbee's mother issues warning about TikTok challenges 9 months ago

Archie Battersbee's mother issues warning about TikTok challenges

Her son Archie Battersbee died after attempting an online challenge.

Following the heartbreaking death of her son Archie Battersbee, Hollie Dance has spoken out against harmful TikTok challenges.

The heartbroken mum said her son would still be here if it wasn't for the dangerous challenge he tried.

The mum has advised parents to talk to their children about the risky challenges. She said they need to be aware that they can go horribly wrong, as it did for her son Archie.

She told LBC: "If you have to use Archie as the topic to address it, just please sit down with your children with regards to these online challenges."

The mum said the more she learns about the challenges, the scarier they get.


"[It’s] heart-breaking, because I think if I’d known about these challenges I could have had that conversation with him even the day before."

"And I know that I would have been really firm with that conversation, and we wouldn’t be here now."

She urged all parents to have this conversation because they just don't know what their kids are being exposed to online.

Hollie's son Archie was found unconscious at their home in Essex in April 2022. The 12-year-old was declared brainstem dead and doctors switched his life support off last week.

According to reports, Archie attempted a 'blackout' challenge. The horrific challenge makes youths cut off their oxygen until they pass out.