Doctors say there is no chance Archie Battersbee will survive 10 months ago

Doctors say there is no chance Archie Battersbee will survive

He has been in a critical condition since April.

Archie Battersbee's doctors have confirmed that he has no chance of survival.

Despite his parents' desperate pleas, a judge has decided to switch off the young boy's life support machine.

Archie has been unconscious since his mother discovered him on the floor of their home. She believes her son passed out after attempting a dangerous online challenge.

He has been unconscious ever since his mother found him on April 7th.

A court was told that continuing their treatment is just going to delay the inevitable.

According to reports, doctors told the court that there is no chance that he will recover. They believe the young boy is brain-stem dead.

However, his parents believe he can still survive.


They want the hospital to continue treatment, but the court ruled against them last month.

His mum claimed that her son "just needs time" but his team stressed that he will not regain consciousness, despite her hope.

His mum Hollie Dance told The Mirror, "His blood pressure went up, so we put on a deep-breathing meditation recording and put lavender oil under his nose and within 10 minutes his blood pressure dropped to normal levels.

“It’s a glimmer of hope. He’s in there and he’s going to wake up."

Doctors said Archie's progress is "very poor".

They also said, "All that treatment can do is delay the inevitable result."

Doctors added, "He is not responsive and has no prospect of recovery."