Are these people the BEST parents in the world? 7 years ago

Are these people the BEST parents in the world?

Refe and Susan Tuma, Kansas City, USA are topping our list of inspirational parents at the moment.

For the last few years they have instated a tradition called Dinovember during the month of November to ignite their kids' imaginations and to help them retain that sense of wonder so quickly lost in the frenetic pace of modern childhood. The Tuma's aim was to show their kids, Adeia, Alethea, Leif and Amarie that anything is possible... even their dino toys coming to life at night while they sleep.

(World's greatest?) Dad, Refe explained how the idea came about to the Mail Online:

"It started when our son who was one at the time wasn't sleeping through the night."

"We were all tired through the day after being up all night and we found ourselves putting the kids in from of the TV and not engaging in the way we wanted to be with them."

"One night Susan my wife put the dinosaurs in the bathroom sink to make it look like they were brushing their teeth."

"The next morning Adeia came running in and told us all about it and really believed it, it just carried on from there."

Since then the dino toys have had all kinds of adventures and the Tumas have inspsired countless other parents to inject a bit of whimsy into their family life and observe Dinovember through their Facebook page and even a book, What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night.

This is how Refe and Susan have continued to amaze and delight their (lucky) kids since 2012:










Main image via Facebook