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24th Feb 2023

Mum left shocked as she captures baby bump dropping on camera

Ellen Fitzpatrick

So beautiful.

An expectant mum has captured one of the most beautiful moments of her pregnancy on camera as her baby bump “dropped” on video.

Filming the video over a 48 hour time frame, the difference in her bump was obvious.

At the time the video was filmed, the woman was 38 weeks and three days pregnant and only days away from welcoming her new arrival.

TikToker Nabs (nabby.nabs) shared the now viral clip of her baby bump and it has racked up hundreds of thousands of likes.

She captioned the post: “Can NOT believe I caught this.”

Nabs then goes on to explain that she “caught the beginning of the drop on camera”.

The video then shows her stomach suddenly stretching downwards.

@nabby.nabs Can NOT believe I caught this ? #whatwasthat #pregnant #SoundcoreGoForGold #iuijourney #babymomma #kidzbop #justlikethat ♬ what the fuck was that – champagnemami

Clearly stunned and blown away by this, she simply comments “whoa.”

The video then shows what her stomach looks like only two days later, and it’s completely different.

Many took to the comments to share their amazement with the clip.

One person wrote: “Mine has been dropping super low then climbing back up. He thinks I’m like an indoor playground or something!”

Another added: “Ooh! I remember that feeling! baby is coming soon. I wish you an easy labour with no pain at all. May you sneeze the baby out!”

A third wrote: “I dropped while standing in a Macy’s. An older woman saw it happen and started crying because she thought it was beautiful. Scared me though.”

A fourth said: “My last pregnancy. She did that in the middle of Walmart then kicked my bladder and I peed on myself.

“And you just know she immediately started to breathe a little better.”