The baby challenge is returning to Love Island tonight 2 months ago

The baby challenge is returning to Love Island tonight

Will names his baby after a sheep..

Last night's episode of Love Island saw couple Casey and Rosie leave the villa so, there are now just five couples left and we're only days away from the finale.

But, tonight's episode will see the return of the baby challenge - yay!

Every year, the Islanders are tasked with coming together to look after a baby doll and the couple that does the best job, wins the challenge.

Ron and Lana, Tanya and Shaq, Will and Jessie, Tom and Samie, and Kai and Sanam will have to come together and parent this baby doll so there's no doubt it'll test the strength of their relationship - can't wait.

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After getting them dressed, the couples deliberate on what to name their babies.

Kai and Sanam name their baby boy Bruno. But I wonder what is Kai’s inspiration behind the name?


Shaq and Tanya call their girl Shanya. Shaq says: “She’s just the most beautiful bundle of joy in the world.”

Jessie and Will pick a sentimental name - Rufus. Will explains: “It's Rufus Lamby Wynter-Young. Rufus comes from a pet sheep I had on the farm.”

What will the other Islanders name their babies and what’s the inspiration behind the monikers?

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From Lifted Entertainment.

Ahead of tonight's show, some Love Island fans have been less enthusiastic saying it's the most boring episode ever.

One said:"Unpopular opinion but the baby challenge is the most boring episode, I skip it every year. They need to get rid of it and replace it with the tweet/headline challenge #loveisland."

Another said: "@LoveIsland respectfully, we all f***ing HATE the baby challenge. Drop it and bring back smoking areas and Twitter challenges because your show is dying."

And finally: "First this goofy ass cocktail challenge and now they’re going to do that stupid baby challenge. End the show now #loveisland"

With all the negative feedback coming from the baby challenge, maybe the next season of Love Island won't have it. But, for now, strap yourself in because tonight's going to be a good one.

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.