Maker Of 'Princess' And Bunk Beds Issues Warning Following Death of Baby 5 years ago

Maker Of 'Princess' And Bunk Beds Issues Warning Following Death of Baby

A manufacturer of themed beds for children has advised parents to stop using their pieces after a baby died.

Sheffield-based Playtime Beds has ceased trading following the death of a seven-month-old baby in England.

The company has since warned parents that their cots, beds, bunk beds, cabin beds, high sleeper beds and twin beds for children may cause "asphyxiation or strangulation, falling, entrapment or crushing".


The beds are designed to look like castles and playhouses and often featured stairs and extra fixtures.



The company issued the following statement on their website:

"Craig Williams and Playtime Beds Ltd of Sheffield are issuing an important safety warning for bespoke products made and supplied nationally since approximately 2011 due to potential safety risks arising from their design, manufacture and erection, in particular, safety risks to children.

Craig Williams and Playtime Beds Ltd would strongly advise that until such time that they are able to determine which bed and extras you purchased, you stop using the bed immediately either for sleep or play, and ensure that children in particular do not climb, sleep in it or play in or on it."


Anyone who has purchased any of the above products is advised to call the national Citizens Advice Bureau helpline on (UK) 03454 040506 who can pass on details to enable local Trading Standards to contact customers to assess whether their products may or may not be at risk.