Bride shares upsetting story of her emotionally abusive bridesmaid 5 years ago

Bride shares upsetting story of her emotionally abusive bridesmaid

Female friendships are often fraught but this is next level.

A worn-out bride has spoken out about a rift between her and a bridesmaid that'll make any falling out you've ever had with a friend pale in comparison.

The anonymous woman wrote to an agony aunt for advice after one of her bridesmaids repeatedly insulted her appearance.

"It started off as little put downs, like her telling me how I need to lose weight (I only weigh 7½ stone)," the woman told The Guardian.

"Then she began distancing herself from me publicly and on social media. She didn’t come to my birthday party or even say happy birthday."

She also said that the bridesmaid regularly slags her off in front of others but is nice to her when they're alone. 

The woman said her bridesmaid also shunned her while she's been seriously ill in hospital and hasn't offered to visit, which was to her "the most hurtful situation" of all.

"I no longer feel that she should be a bridesmaid, but we work together so it is a very difficult situation.

"I feel she has completely checked out of this friendship and she has really hurt me.


"Do I suck it up and still have her as a bridesmaid or tell her the truth that I feel completely let down by her?"

We know exactly what we'd be telling her and thankfully the expert felt the same way.

Agony aunt Mariella Forstrup pulled no punches, saying the bridesmaid sounds 'poisonous'.

"She sounds like someone to give a wide berth to, the sort of so-called buddy who manages to always make you feel worse than you did before you turned to her.

"Dropping her from your bridesmaid list is the least pressing of your priorities. Instead, try to find out where and why things went so wrong."

She suggested that the bridesmaid could be jealous or insecure herself and urged the bride to sit down with her and explain how she's let her down.

"If her response leaves you still feeling aggrieved drop her from your wedding day entourage.

"Far better one real friend than a hundred unreliable ones whose biggest investment in you is to press follow and tick 'like' every now and again!"