Mum shocked to find hickeys on bullied 6-year-old's neck after school 7 months ago

Mum shocked to find hickeys on bullied 6-year-old's neck after school

"This is a sexual assault case."

A mother in the US was horrified to find bruising on her daughter's neck after school as the result of extreme bullying.

Brittany Herrera's 6-year-old daughter, Mia, has allegedly been bullied since the first day of school.

Officers investigating the bullying say they consider one of the incidents to be sexual assault.

The mum said her daughter reluctantly told her that she and two other girls were sent inside during a bathroom break.

"She told me, the girl got on top of me, and she started biting me," Herrera told Fox 26 Houston. "I think she says ‘biting’ because basically my kids don’t know what hickeys are, and they were clearly hickeys."

Mia was relentlessly bullied, her mum says, having previously come home "with a huge knot on her head" that she said came from another little girl pushing her against a wall.


Credit: FOX 26 Houston

The mum said she insisted to the school that she didn't want Mia near the two girls who were bullying her, but the school was slow to act. Herrera claims the principal had simply asked, "What do you want me to do for you guys to feel better about it?"

She filed a police report and asked the officer if this was a typical bully case.

"He said, ‘Absolutely not. This is a sexual assault case. Had that child been 10 years older, we would be at her house making some kind of arrest,'" Herrera said.

FOX 26 reports that officials said one of the bullied was transferred to another school and protocol was followed.