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21st Feb 2023

Call the Midwife favourites to return for series 13

Kat O'Connor

Call the Midwife returns this Sunday.

Fans of Call the Midwife will be relieved to hear some of their favourite characters will return for series 13.

Viewers of the drama series were worried Sister Monica Joan would leave the show after she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. However, actress Judy Parfitt is not leaving the show, much to fans’ delight.

Also returning is actress Helen George and her on-screen partner Olly Rix.

The actors, who play Nurse Trixie and her fiancé Matthew, recently spoke out about their future on the show.

They told The Mirror that Trixie and Matthew aren’t going anywhere.

“Their focus is on changing things around them. It doesn’t seem to be remotely in their characters to just hang that all up now and enjoy the quiet life. That’s not who they are.

“There’s no sense that he’s wanting to extricate himself or her from that.

“His money is something that facilitates that but, money or not, that’s where his heart is.”

Helen George added, “They’ve got so much work to do there and they’re both very driven, so I can’t see them moving away.”

A source told the publication that Zephryn Taitte will also return.

Viewers were worried that Cyril would leave, especially with his wife Lucille in Jamaica, but the engineer is staying in Poplar.

However, it is still unclear if Lucille will return.

The finale of Call the Midwife airs this Sunday, February 26th. The episode was delayed due to the BAFTAs but the creators confirmed it will certainly be worth the wait as Trixie and Matthew finally get their happy ending.

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