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09th Jan 2023

Is Nurse Lucille Robinson leaving Call The Midwife forever?

Kat O'Connor

Last night’s episode of Call the Midwife was one of the show’s strongest episodes of all time.

Call the Midwife fans were heartbroken as they watched Lucille continue to suffer with her mental health.

The nurse, who recently suffered a miscarriage, considered taking her own life in last night’s harrowing episode.

Luckily, Lucille found the strength to seek medical help.

During last night’s episode, Lucille finally met with Doctor Turner to discuss support.

Doctor Turner told Lucille that she had suffered a nervous breakdown. He gave her medication but told her the best thing she could do for her mental and physical health was to rest.

Lucille’s husband Cyril knew one thing that would help her… home.

He decided to use their savings to buy Lucille a plane ticket to Jamaica.

Fans were relieved to see the nurse get the help she desperately needed. However, viewers are now concerned about Lucille’s future on the show.

Leonie Elliott, who plays Nurse Robinson, penned a moving note following the episode.

She shared;

“This season was incredibly difficult to film. Thank you for all your kind words. It’s my hope for people watching that if they can see the good in her, maybe they can extend that to people in real life.”

“I care about her deeply. Many share her story of miscarriage and depression, and many share her experience of abuse, racial or otherwise. Many of us face mental health challenges, I hope we can continue to love one another, support and listen to each other. Look after yourselves and each other.”

Elliott joined Call the Midwife in 2018.

The show’s creators have not yet confirmed when she will return.

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