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07th May 2018

Calls for the Luas to freeze fares because of ‘appalling’ service

Olivia Hayes

Do you commute on the Luas?

Have you been late for work because of delays or did you have to find an alternative mode of transport because of a breakdown?

Well, calls have been made for the Luas’ operator Transdev to freeze fares for a year because of poor service.

Fine Gael Senator Neale Richmond has said that the service over the past number of months has been “appalling” with overcrowding, stoppages and delays.

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He said: “Over the past number of months, the roughly 100,000 daily Luas users have had to put up with an appalling level of service.

“Delays, stoppages, overcrowding and a plethora of other disruptions have left commuters understandably vexed, with minimal sympathy from Luas operators Transdev.

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“Things had got so bad that many commuters on the green line were forced to take the Luas a number of stops out of town in the mornings in order to guarantee they would get on a tram heading into the city centre.

“Regular delays and stoppages saw many commuters at stops such as Glencairn and Leopardstown Valley stranded for periods of up to 30 minutes with no information or guidance from Luas.”

He said that many Luas customers are questioning the fares they have to pay for the service and we shouldn’t have to pay for a year to make up for it.