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26th Feb 2019

Cardinal George Pell has been convicted of sex crimes against children

Rebecca O'Keeffe

He is 77 years old.

Cardinal George Pell has been convicted of sex crimes against children.

The Cardinal was found guilty of sexually assaulting two choirboys, becoming the most senior cleric ever convicted of child sex crimes.

A court in Australia found him guilty on one count of sexual abuse and four counts of indecent assault.

The acts on two boys were carried out at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne in the 1990s.

It has been reported that the Cardinal cornered the boys (who were 12 and 13 at the time) in the cathedral’s sacristy and forced them to perform a sex acts on him.

The Cardinal is a former Vatican treasurer and papal advisor.

A gag order was put in place by the presiding judge, which until now had prevented reporting of court proceedings and the trial.

This news comes just days after the Vatican summit on sexual abuse by priests.

Speaking at the summit, Pop Francis said:

“We are dealing with abominable crimes that must be erased from the face of the earth.”

He also vowed to deal with every case of abuse “with the utmost seriousness”.

A pre-sentencing hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, where Cardinal Pell is expected to be remanded in custody.