Charity worker made kids smash up chocolate santas after telling them he isn't real 4 years ago

Charity worker made kids smash up chocolate santas after telling them he isn't real

Some of the children were as young as four and were left in tears.

Christmas is particularly special when children are in a household and eagerly awaiting Santa's visit. The childhood innocence is something a lot of parents want to keep alive for as long as possible and when they choose to break the Santa news, most want to do it themselves and in a sensitive manner.

Earlier this week, we reported a story about a substitute teacher in New Jersey who broke the news that Santa isn't real to a class of six-year-olds, and unfortunately a similar incident has now occurred in the Lincolnshire district of South Holland.

The Daily Mail has reported that a religious charity worker associated with The Mary Bass Charity told a group of children "that Jesus was the reason behind Christmas, not Santa, who had been 'made up'."

The children were then asked to smash chocolate Santas to symbolise that there is more to Christmas than treats and presents.


One mother said:

"My children said two children were asked to come to the front of the hall and smash chocolate Santas and reindeer with hammers to symbolise they were not what Christmas was all about", The Mail reported.

Children were also told that they would go to hell if they weren't religious.

The incident occurred in the Fleet Wood Lane school in Spalding, Lincolnshire where the head teacher has been forced to apologise for what happened. She said:

"I have written to parents stating that some of the presentation by the Mary Bass Charity in a school assembly was inappropriate and assured them that we will not be using representatives from this charity again.

We have apologised to parents and children and totally sympathise with their concerns."