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24th Dec 2018

Cheryl just made a really special Christmas gesture to her ex-boyfriend, Liam Payne

Rebecca O'Keeffe

So big of her.

It has been five months since Cheryl and Liam Payne announced their split.

Naturally it hasn’t been easy, especially because of the fact that they have a young son together.

It has now been reported that Cheryl has invited Liam to spend Christmas with her and their son, Bear.

What a lovely gesture.

A source claimed:

“Cheryl and Liam are still really close and she doesn’t want either of them to spend Christmas apart from Bear, so she thought that by inviting Liam, it would bring them all together as a family – something she said she’d prioritise after they made the painful decision to split.”


“It’s the first Christmas that Bear will be old enough to appreciate a little of what’s going on, so she’s very excited by the thought of them all being together.”

“Liam’s really grateful and hopes he can make it. He’s glad their friendship is like this, it’s lovely how things are turning out between them.”

Lovely stuff.

In November, Cheryl spoke of her Christmas plans with Bear.


She also revealed how how becoming a mum has changed her in an interview backstage at Hits Radio Live.

She said: “People have asked me, ‘Are you going to take him to see Father Christmas?’ But I think he would still be a little bit worried. “

“It will be a, ‘Who’s this guy with the long beard?’ moment.”

We hope they all have a lovely Christmas!