Mum calls for Christmas Jumper Day to be scrapped in schools 5 months ago

Mum calls for Christmas Jumper Day to be scrapped in schools

A mum has called for Christmas Jumper Day to be scrapped in schools.

The popular Christmas tradition is much loved by pupils, but she believes it is actually really unfair.

She also claims it can cause a lot of stress for children from struggling families.

She explained why she thinks it should be canceled on Mumsnet.

"My child has a couple of little classmates with difficult home lives, one in particular without much money.

"There are some Christmas jumper days coming up and I have been thinking about how tough it must be to always be the child with no jumper," the mum said.


"I know as children grow up you can't avoid the inequalities but it would be great if we could at least stop it being an issue at primary school."

The mum said there are so many families who feel pressured to buy Christmas jumpers, even when they can't afford them.

Fellow parents agreed with her and felt like it was also just a waste of money.

One shared, "I just spent £20 on a jumper that will be worn once. We can afford it but  I bet a lot cannot. It seems wasteful as well in terms of almost single-use fashion."

"Not to mention it's terrible for the environment. I have to buy mine Xmas jumpers because I don't want them to be the odd one out. But with Christmas coming I can't really afford to buy jumpers that they can't wear past December."

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