How to get involved in this year's Christmas Shoebox Appeal 7 months ago

How to get involved in this year's Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Give back to children who truly need it.

Christmas is just weeks away, can you believe it?

Before the rush of the festive period whisks us away, why not take a moment to give back to those who truly need it?

Instead of letting the commercial pressure take over, why not get involved in the 2022 Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal?

The appeal aims to deliver as many gift-filled shoeboxes as possible to children, for whom poverty is their everyday reality.

And they need your help.

200,000 children across Africa and Eastern Europe will benefit from this year's project.

Team Hope is calling on the public to build a box at home or online to help them.

They're planning on reaching their goal of 200,000 shoeboxes this year.


It has never been easier to build a shoebox. Find an empty shoebox, wrap it in Christmas paper, and fill it with gifts for a boy or girl (aged 2-14).

You can also give online or attach a €4 donation and bring it to a local drop-off point by Tuesday, November 8th.

You can also build-a-box online by donating at One of Team Hope’s local partners will build a box on your behalf and make sure it goes where it’s needed most.

When considering the best items to gift, think of the 4W’s:

Wear – Gloves, Hat, Scarf, Socks, Top, Underwear
Wash – Comb, Soap, Sponge, Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Washcloth

Write – Colouring Pencils, Notepads, Writing accessories

Wow – Think of items like musical instruments, puzzles, a ball, a skipping rope, a soft toy or a toy car

Team Hope Shoebox Week runs this year from October 31st to November 6th and to get involved you’ll find plenty of inspiration on gifts to include, or not, in your shoebox, how to donate, and where to drop off your shoebox at .

For teachers, there are lots of class lessons and teaching resources available online.