Christy Dignam's daughter slams rumours claiming her father has died 4 months ago

Christy Dignam's daughter slams rumours claiming her father has died

Christy Dignam's daughter has spoken out against reports that claimed her father has died.

Kiera Dignam has slated people for spreading rumours about the Aslan frontman's death.

She said their family has already been through enough as it is without dealing with claims he has passed away.

Rumours circulated online on Saturday, but Kiera quickly shut them down.

She wrote, "Can people please stop sharing and posting that my dad has passed away, this is not true! This is a tough enough time and cruel to have to be put in a position to have to clear something like this up."

Kiera stressed that her family will issue a statement about her father.

"Until an update on anything comes from myself and my family please ignore," she stressed.

Christy Dignam was diagnosed with myeloma in 2013.

In his final interview, Dignam told Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ Radio 1 that he would like more time.


"When I first got diagnosed, I remember praying I was like, 'Please, just give me 10 more years'.

"And that 10 years are up now and you're kind of saying, 'I know I only asked for 10 but you couldn't throw another 10 in there could you, yeah?'"

Dignam told Tubridy that palliative care feels like "a conveyor belt to heaven”. However, the Crazy World singer said he is grateful to be able to spend his final months at home.

Christy's loving family and palliative care team have been caring for him at home since December.

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