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26th Sep 2022

Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon pregnant after miscarriage heartache

Kat O'Connor

Actress Lucy Fallon is pregnant.

Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon has revealed she is pregnant.

The actress previously suffered a miscarriage and admitted she was scared to share the news with the public.

Lucy said she is 19 weeks pregnant but has been keeping her pregnancy a secret until now.

The actress confirmed the news in an interview with OK! Magazine.

She told the publication, “We’ve been keeping it a secret. I’m scared but excited.”

Lucy also confirmed that she suffered a miscarriage earlier this year.

The soap star said she was around 7 weeks pregnant when she lost her baby.

The actress told the publication that she found out the heartbreaking news during her 7-week scan.

Lucy said it was a “traumatising and horrendous time”.

Before finding out the news, Lucy was experiencing pregnancy symptoms, but her pain started to worsen which worried her.

She decided to visit her doctor because she was “feeling really unwell”.

Lucy Fallon said the miscarriage came as a huge shock.

She was experiencing pregnancy symptoms, but they started to get worse as time went on. The mum-to-be said there was no sign of miscarriage at all, which made the loss even harder for her to deal with.

The actress had to have surgery to remove the pregnancy tissue following the loss.

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