My parents won't mind our kids unless we test negative for Covid- are they being fair? 11 months ago

My parents won't mind our kids unless we test negative for Covid- are they being fair?

She wants her parents to mind her Covid-positive kids.

If you test positive, you must isolate yourself at your home. Welcoming visitors into your home is a complete no-no, but one mum has admitted she expects her parents to mind their kids.

Her entire family is infected with Covid-19, but her parents have refused to mind them unless they do antigen tests.

The mum explained her tricky situation, "Myself, hubby, and two children all have COVID at the moment. We've thankfully all had it mildly but we are all testing positive 9 days on.

"I'm aware that without symptoms, you don't have to keep testing beyond day 10. The problem is my parents won't see any of us until we test negative."

The mum said she understands her parents don't want to get Covid, especially because they're in their late 60s, but she said their tests could likely come back positive for quite some time.

"They help with childcare so we can work so it's going to make things quite difficult and we can't afford to pay childcare right now."


The mum said she wishes they would help her out, but many users said they're simply protecting their health.

Another said, "I don't blame them. They're being cautious about their own health."

One added, "I believe your parents are 100 percent correct and you are being completely unreasonable.

They added, "I look after my grandchildren and my daughter's family has tested positive. My husband is extremely vulnerable, there is no way we can risk it until there's a negative test."

One pointed out that grandparents shouldn't be put at risk for the sake of free childcare.

"Your parents don't owe you free child care. You may need to pay someone who is willing to risk exposure to Covid."

Is the mum being unreasonable?