Creche slated after taping shoes to infant's feet 3 weeks ago

Creche slated after taping shoes to infant's feet

"Someone was clearly upset"

A mum in North Carolina has called out her daughter's creche after staff taped her child's shoes to her feet.

Jessica Hayes was shocked to find her 17-month-old with tape wrapped around her feet. The staff claimed they put the tape on her shoes because she kept taking them off.

However, the mum was less than impressed by their actions.

Writing on Facebook, Jessica Hayes said she shared the images because she was so upset.

She also wanted to warn other parents about similar incidents.

The mum shared, "Does anyone see an issue with this? Am I the only one?"

"Someone was clearly upset that she was learning to take her shoes off and done it out of being aggravated.

"It does hurt and break trust when you put that trust in individuals who have been with my daughter since she was 6 weeks old."


Despite the upsetting incident, Jessica said she will continue to send her child to the creche.

Her child's creche stated the incident does not "represent who we are".

They also said it never should have happened.

"Pleasant Hill Day Care in no way condones or allows any practice that would be harmful to a child."

Feature Image: Facebook/Jessica Hayes

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