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17th May 2016

Dad LIVE Streams Wife Giving Birth on Facebook

Katie Mythen-Lynch

We really hope she’s cool with this, because 2,500 viewers tuned in to watch a woman give birth when her husband live streamed the event on Facebook. 

Dad-to-be Fakamalo Kihe Eiki, from California, posted a 45 minute video on the social media platform alongside the caption ‘Let’s try pushing baby out’.

birth 1

As his wife huffs and puffs her way through labour, supported by a team of doctors and midwives, the camera keeps rolling. Nearer to crunch time, people all over the world cheered the couple on until the baby made an appearance, with dad exclaiming:

‘He’s hairy, he’s got so much hair!’

‘Oh my goodness, you got him – he’s coming out. Hi baby! Come out baby, there you go, I see your face…

‘Yes! Baby’s out! Yes! Yay! Thank you Lord, oh thank you Jesus. You cry, baby, aaahhh.’

More than 35,000 people have watched the emotional video since. You can watch it all go down right here:

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