Squeamish Dad Absolutely Steals The Show At Wife's Antenatal Appointment 5 years ago

Squeamish Dad Absolutely Steals The Show At Wife's Antenatal Appointment

One hilarious dad who goes by the Reddit username, Intahnetmonster recently had the Internet in stitches relating his fainting episode at his wife's antenatal appointment.

"I have a huge irrational phobia of needles. Every time I have had to go for a blood test or a vaccination, I have passed out. I know my fear is irrational, but due to the passing out, the fear has just gotten worse over the years. I figured since it wouldn't be me who would be getting the blood test done, I should be fine as long as I don't look."

When the nurse ran into difficulties drawing blood from Intahnetmonster's wife, he began to feel that familiar faintness and asked to leave the room immediately.

"I got up, left the room, and next thing I know I'm waking up from an awesomely deep sleep on the floor with more doctors around me than I have seen in my life. It took a while to remember what happened; I just felt like I woke up from an amazingly deep sleep."

The squeamish dad then had his bloods taken to check his blood sugar levels which nearly caused him to pass out again. Then the final straw came when the poor dad noticed that at some point an IV had been inserted into his arm.


"I scratched, and felt something odd. I looked down to notice the guy earlier had put an IV in my arm. I'm not sure why because it was never used. Looked up at my wife, and said "there's something in my arm" and I couldn't stop the panic. She said my face went extremely pale. Next thing I know, I'm again waking up from an extremely deep sleep, thinking I'm still at home in bed, only to find I am surrounded by a crap load of doctors again. It took a few seconds to remember where I am again."

"When they finally discharged me, the nurse, a very butch polish lady teased me about passing out, and said: "now it's time for me to wax you." Confused, I said "what?". She said: "You're a hairy guy. They used a lot of tape on your arm....". She was very rough. The hair on my arm hasn't still fully grown back."

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