Dad's Hilarious World Book Day Photo Goes Viral 7 years ago

Dad's Hilarious World Book Day Photo Goes Viral

Don't you just love it when your kids remind you of something vital for school just as you're getting them out the door?

'But wait, it's No Uniform Day!'

'I need €50 for a school trip!'

'We were supposed to dress up for World Book Day!'

The latter is what Glasgow dad Joe Heenan had to listen to yesterday for World Book Day, as his kids reminded him last minute that they were supposed to go to school dressed as characters from their favourite books.

In a panic, Joe did what any normal parent would do - improvised.

What resulted was a hilarious photo of his two kids that has been shared almost 70k times on Facebook and retweeted over 6k times on Twitter!


Can't. Cope.

Feature pic by Bespoke Comic Strips who went on to create a fun comic out of the entire thing!


Didn't the kids look delighted?!

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