Denise van Outen speaks out about cheating scandal for the first time 5 months ago

Denise van Outen speaks out about cheating scandal for the first time

The couple were together since 2014.

Denise van Outen has spoken out about her cheating fiance for the first time.

The presenter's ex-fiance Eddie Boxshall reportedly cheated on her multiple times in their relationship.

Denise spoke out about the cheating scandal in her book A Bit Of Me: From Basildon To Broadway And Back.

She revealed that Eddie had been sexting multiple women.

Denise found photos of other women on his phone, as well as a "flirty text exchange".

She then found selfies of Eddie and another woman in a bar in London where he was visiting "on business".

She said she cried her heart out to her mother when she made the discovery.


Denise even admitted she would have been planning her wedding to Eddie if she didn't find out he was cheating.

“I was in pain and shock. I’d thought we had the perfect life. Any relationship has to be built on trust and once that’s gone, there’s no way forward.”

“If I hadn’t found those pictures, I’d be planning a wedding right now. Instead, I’ve simply got to move on.”

She admitted she found it hard to believe he cheated on her with multiple women.

“The thing I battled with most was that it wasn’t just one person, one mistake, or drunken night.

She continued, "This was something that had gone on for more than three years. I felt betrayed,” she admitted.

Denise was in a relationship with Eddie since 2014. The pair often appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox together.