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29th Dec 2019

Disney receiving criticism for proposing a special security door for their Grafton Street store

Rebecca O'Keeffe


The Disney Corporation has come under fire for proposing a new security door in front of their Dublin store.

In their planning application, Disney said they believe there is strong justification for the proposed changes to the front of the shop.

It said that staff members have observed the doorway being used by the homeless for sleeping, and apparent drug.

Disney’s proposal has been criticised by those who say homeless people have just no other option.

Fr Peter McVerry, a long time housing campaigner, has suggested that companies like Disney should use their influence to put more pressure on Government to get people off the streets.

Dublin City Council has said it is important the security gate would not detract from the streetscape of Grafton Street.

grafton street

The council said:

‘The Planning Authority has a concern with the materials proposed.”

“The site is located in the Grafton Street ACA and scheme of special planning control and therefore a bespoke design together with high quality materials are crucial.”

“The applicant is requested to address the concerns of the Planning Authority in this regard.”

“The applicant submitted a photograph of the proposed security gate. The justification for the gate is that the doorway is the subject of anti-social behaviour.”

No decision regarding the gate has yet been made.